Turban inspired wool cap layer rescrunching.

Hat, stolen from my dad; Earrings, Out of the Blue; Button-front shirt, Sirens; Tank, Ardene; Velvet skinnies, Suzy Shier; Boots, Locale.

This outfit was pulled together to fit two possible activities – ice skating or shopping. We wound up shopping, but this would have been an awesome skating outfit.

I haven’t had much luck with wearing hats since I cut my hair (apparently, I am having the exact opposite hat + new hair cut experience as Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky). This is the first hat I’ve worn and liked. Normally, this hat has a folded brim, and I often would wear it without folding over the brim to give myself a bit more height.

After some layer rescrunching, I managed to create a turban-inspired Newfoundland wool cap. I loved pairing the ornate earrings with such a casual hat, and tried to capture the feeling of casual chic throughout the rest of the outfit. I didn’t want anything structured, I wanted fabrics with movement and amazing texture – the button-front shirt has incredible movement to it, as does the tank top… And I don’t even want to get into how often I feel up my own legs when I encase them in velvet.

What is your go-to casual chic combo? Do you have a standby “all purpose” outfit?

Pictures by Aarron!


4 thoughts on “Turban inspired wool cap layer rescrunching.

  1. Okay, velvet skinnies are now on my MUST HAVE list. They look positively luxurious! And I’m so impressed with your hat styling skillz… the scrunching looks professional, yo. Finally… those boots are killer. Basically this outfit is all kinds of fabulousness.

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