RSPAC: How to dress for volunteering.

lululemon items:

Remix lulu hoodie*light (no longer available, similar)
Scoop Neck L/S Top (no longer available, similar)
Black 5 year Tee (no longer available, similar)
Wunder Under Pants

non-lulu items:

Necklace: Desart
Boots: Town Shoes

It’s back! The first Recovering Sweat Pants Addict Challenge of 2012!

I wore this outfit to volunteer at the hospital. I never know what I’m going to be doing that day until I arrive, so I always try to dress for anything. Could be cleaning, could be hanging out with patients, could be running errands, could be doing handy work… When I’m getting dressed for volunteering, I always make sure that I could kick ass in a game of wheelchair basketball and still look pulled together.

Choosing what to wear to volunteer can be challenging. Some volunteer positions call for short shorts and flip flops (holla, water stations at races!), others professional or business casual attire, and many a “use your best judgement” dress code. When I am deciding what to wear for volunteering, I imagine the “fanciest” and “dirtiest” activities I could be getting up to, and try to dress somewhere in the middle.

Really, though? The most important thing to remember when dressing for volunteering is that your clothing should take a backseat to the work. You can still look awesome and create an amazing outfit, as long as while you volunteer you think about the work and not the clothes. Remember, volunteering isn’t permission to dress poorly, but neither should it be a fashion show.

In other (exciting!) news, Roomie Aarron has acquired a new camera! I’m super excited, and can’t wait to see what kinds of shots we can get with something a bit better than two Android cellphones (all pictures on the blog are taken with either a Samsung Galaxy or Nexus). Depth of field, what?

Photos by Aarron!


5 thoughts on “RSPAC: How to dress for volunteering.

  1. I think it’s awesome that you are volunteering! As someone who works in a non-profit, I can’t tell you enough how much a little extra help means 🙂 Congrats on the dSLR. You will have so much fun tinkering with it.

    • Thanks! I lost my grandmother in the fall, took care of her in the end, and I realized that volunteering was actually a really big hole in my life. The first thing I did when I got home form her funeral was to apply for a volunteering position at a local hospital. It seemed like a really fitting tribute, and I get so much out of it, it doesn’t really seem charitable, you know? Mostly, it feels a little greedy. 🙂

  2. ahhh, lululemon….love their stuff!
    you look a lot more stylish than me when i volunteer (the local humane society)! sometimes i go there straight from the gym.
    i am totally digging your haircut. 🙂

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