Reclaiming gold.

Gold metallic cardigan, Value Village (Dartmouth); Organic cotton Whisper Tank, lululemon athletica; Jeans, Seven for all Mankind; Gold heels, Frockstar Out of the Blue.

When my grandmother was in hospital, my mom and I went shopping a few times. For stress relieving purposes, of course. This cardigan is up there in my Top 5 Favorite Thrifted Items EVER*. Originally this cardi had giant shoulder pads and giant (hideous, chipped plastic gold) buttons that didn’t last very long.

An interesting phenomenon is associated with the wearing of a very shiny gold cardigan, let me tell you. You receive many a sideways glance everywhere you go. Seemingly, metallics are an unexpected thing to wear.

I was very tempted to borrow Jentine’s gold jeans from Joe Fresh (you know, if I actually knew her in person, and wore the same size as her, and lived in the same city, and all those other, teeny little details), and create a head-to-toe gold look to see what kinds of looks I’d get THEN. Because matching gold metallic high heels and cardigans simply isn’t sufficiently out there for me.

* 1) A bright orange pea coat I found in High School; 2) The sheer blue beaded top; 3) All 3 burgundy velvet blazers I have found (and subsequently given away, because everyone is always looking for a velvet blazer for some reason, and for some reason there is always a burgundy velvet blazer in every thrift store I have ever visited); 4) My first LBD, and also, my first thrifted purchase EVER – a knee length wool sheath dress that lasted me from 14-18; and, 5) this gold metallic cardigan.


3 thoughts on “Reclaiming gold.

    • Oh, me too. Desperately. I loved that crazy coat. It was so bright and obnoxious, it would be perfect! It looked like someone was attempting to make orange hunting gear fashionable, or something.

      And it looked sick on Hallowe’en.

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