My first step towards sweat pants addiction recovery.

Hat and jeans, Ardene; Necklace, Something Unusual (gift); Scarf, Milk (gift); Sweater, Victoire (gift); Boots, Rocketdog.

The first step I took towards recovering from my sweat pants addiction was to start wearing jeans that felt like sweat pants. The whole reason I was sucked into the stretchy pants black hole was because they are so damned comfortable. But my legs couldn’t be adorned by sweat pants alone and I took steps towards recovering from my addiction.

After some searching, I found my first pair of “feels like sweat pants” jeans, my Seven for All Mankind Dojos (worn here, here, here). They have a very high lycra content so the jeans move with me, just like sweat pants. Almost feels like I’m naked.

I wore those jeans a lot at first. Relied on them as much as I’d originally relied on my sweat pants. But that was forgivable, as it was only my first step towards sweat pants addiction.

This outfit is a modern version of what early recovery Becca would have worn. Comfortable, stylish jeans, flats, a hoodie, a scarf. This outfit has a lot of interest to it, despite its apparent simplicity. The recycled wool of the hoodie, the almost-Doctor’s scarf-ness of the scarf made from old wool sweater sleeves have interesting colours and patterns that fit perfectly with flat cognac ankle boots and skinny jeans. Basic, but not boring.

I have to point out that I’m really glad I didn’t find those velvet skinnies during the beginning stages of Sweat Pants Addiction Recovery (SPAR). That might have set me back years.


11 thoughts on “My first step towards sweat pants addiction recovery.

  1. My love for this outfit is even furthered by the doctor who shout-out! Don’t you love a good, comfy pair of jeans? My skinny jeans definitely fill that hole for me.

    • I had no idea how BADLY I needed a Doctor Who scarf until I had an almost Doctor Who scarf. I might actually have to make myself the scarf. Found the pattern online.

    • Isn’t it a chic hoodie? I love the bits of the recycled wool sweater. It has such a nice, worn feeling to it, but you know the original sweater was just hideous. Thanks so much. 🙂

  2. I hate pants… so pants that feel like pajamas are pretty much all I own. Except for one pair of jeans, tucked way back in the bottom drawer for camping or other activities.

    Yay for pants that look like pants but feel like pajamas!

    Very cute outfit. It looks comfortable… and warm, which must be nice in the snow! Love the pop of orange from the pendant. Your hair looks adorable!

    • I love comfy pants. I have a few pairs of really gorgeous, but extremely uncomfortable pants, and while I feel good in them, I feel terrible when I wear them, because all I can think about are my stupid uncomfortable pants, cutting in when I sit (or whatever).

      I was so surprised by that pendant. It was a gift from my cousin, and didn’t look like much in the box, but the second I put it on, it just came to life. It’s super eye-catching, and gets tons of compliments.

    • I love sweatpants. If I put them on, they aren’t coming off until bedtime… I try to make sure that I don’t put on sweats fresh out of bed anymore. 🙂

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