Sunshine daisies, Butter mellow, Turn this stupid, fat rat yellow!

Scarf: Renner; Necklace, Arezzo; Jeans jacket, Buffalo by David Bitton (thrifted); Sweater, Joe Fresh; Skirt, Winner’s; Boots, Locale.

I’ve talked about these boots before – although, not as I was wearing them. Recently, I wore an outfit inspired by Jackie from That ’70s Show, but didn’t have Jackie-appropriate shoes. A pair of stacked heel cognac boots was all I wanted. With one single pair of boots, all my wardrobe woes would evaporate, disappear.

Of course, while all my wardrobes woes didn’t disappear, these boots were exactly what I was looking for. It was destiny that these boots wound up in my closet. They were meant to be mine. Really, I didn’t find these boots – these boots found me.

I had a budget for how much I could spend on myself for Christmas. Shopping within a strict budget for boots is challenging, a quest full of disappointment. Knowing that the boots I’d been dreaming of were unlikely to be discovered in my price range, instead I opened myself to coloured skinny jeans, a few pairs from Old Navy or American Eagle, something like that. Deep inside, however, there was a voice I simply couldn’t ignore.

“Keep looking… boots… don’t give up now…”

After a long day of finding everything for everyone else, I decided to head home for wine and Warcraft. Before I left my second mall of the day, I walked by Locale. I first noticed Locale in Halifax, while going on a stress-busting shopping trip with my mom, and fell in love with their collection, chock full of beautiful basics.

While I had given up on trying to find these boots, out of the corner of my eye I spotted a flash of cognac leather. I meandered over to that end of the store, refusing to let my hopes up. Then I saw them. Beautiful, perfect stacked heel. Nice round-toe. Perfect shade of warm, rich cognac. I was hooked, but I still kept an iron fist around my hopes for new shoes, as surely, the most perfect pair of boots couldn’t also be within my budget…

Happy ending! Indeed, they were within my budget (and then some). And now they are all mine. And I love them, which means you should expect to see me in these boots every day for the next several months.

They aren’t my favorite thing about this outfit, though. My favorite thing about this outfit is the bright flash of sunny yellow in the scarf and necklace. Yellow is one of my favorite colours in the wintertime. So bright, cheerful and unexpected.

What are your favorite unexpected winter colours?


11 thoughts on “Sunshine daisies, Butter mellow, Turn this stupid, fat rat yellow!

  1. I know this post was supposed to be about the boots, but I adore the scarf/necklace combo. So few people can pull of yellow, and you do it really well.

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