Haircuts and coconuts

Outfit deets: Coconut earrings, Renner; Coconut necklace, Hippie fair in Brasília; Cardigan, lululemon athletica; Tank and jeans, Ardene; Boots, Rocketdog.

These pictures were taken on the day that I decided not to cut my hair short. IT’s remarkable what a bang trim does for your opinion of your hair. In truth, I’ve been battling with myself over what to do next with my hair. I love the long hair with bangs, but I’m kind of bored. A dramatic colour change might be the way to go.

Since I’m kind of looking for suggestions, if you controlled my hairstyle, what would you have me do with it? Cut, colour, keep it the same? Enquiring minds want to know!


6 thoughts on “Haircuts and coconuts

  1. I had the same internal debate: keep the long hair with bangs, or go short? I ended up keeping the long hair since my mop takes FOR-EV-ER to grow and dyed it lighter instead. Now I’m thinking I might want to go darker… or red.

    If I were you, I’d try playing with the colour, unless your hair doesn’t take long to grow or you’re not worried that you’ll regret it. I think it might look cute short, but long suits you too. Good luck with your decision!

    • Thank you! I really have no idea what I’m going to do with my hair. I’ve really loved it long lately, but I’ve also really loved it shorter on me, too. Decisions, decisions, lol.

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