‘Tis the season for statement dresses

Outfit deets: Blazer, Luigi Bertoli; Dress, Huis Clos; Tights, Suzy Shier; Shoeties, Arezzo.

I’m stunned by how few items I’m wearing in this outfit, I felt much more… done up than the list of Outfit deets would lead me to believe.

I wore this almost exact outfit to a Christmas party in 2010. Sole difference? This time, I wore a blazer instead of the cashmere wrap, opted to wear my hair straight instead of curly, studs in my ears and no other jewels or baubles. The thing about a dress like this is that you really don’t need to add much to it to make it shine. Really, it is better to let it speak for itself. I really wanted to keep things simple, as evidenced by the 4 items in my Outfit deets. Even kept my makeup simple and light.

This dress was originally purchased to be worn at the wedding of one of my BFFs in Brazil. Winterizing a summery dress is always a touch of a challenge. I’ve found that if a dress is a bright colour, surrounding it with black makes for the best winterization out there.

How do you winterize your summer dress? Do you even bother?

Pictures taken by Aarron!

8 thoughts on “‘Tis the season for statement dresses

  1. I absolutely winterize my summer dresses! I love to get a good cost-per-wear on my clothe, so it’s a must for me! And you look very sweet and gorgeous in this pretty dress!
    Good luck!


    • Thanks so much! Nice to know I’m not the only one who winterizes… I will say, however… the fabric most summer dresses are made of feel extra cool against your skin! Shiver!

    • Yellow is such a tough colour to wear. Took me years to find yellow pieces that worked for me. I just about lost it when I found this dress… Not only is it a shade of yellow that looks good on me, but it was also 50% off. Miracle dress!

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