WWOD, or Hawaiian Retirement

Outfit deets: Sunnies, F21; Earrings, Out of the Blue; Necklace, Artisan in Brasília; Blazer, Luigi Bertoli; Top, Cia Maritimia; Jeans, Ardene; Shoes, American Eagle for Payless.

Recently, I was invited to a retirement party. The theme, I was informed was Hawaiian.

I hemmed and hawed over what to wear, and finally realized that I should take inspiration from my favorite Hawaiian fashion blogger – Oomph.

WWOD? = What would Oomph do? If Oomph were invited to a Hawaiian themed retirement party, what would she wear? Something fabulous, I’m sure. She deploys prints with much skill and style, and styles patterns, prints and colours like nobody’s business. I looked at my clothing and found this top, which is actually a cover up (I have a matching bikini), my coconut statement necklace, big sunnies and some coloured shoes. Cover it all up with a blazer, and slap some skinnies on my legs, and I felt like my outfit had quite a bit of oomph to it.

How would you style yourself for a Hawaiian themed party?

Photos by Aarron!


10 thoughts on “WWOD, or Hawaiian Retirement

    • Isn’t it delightful? I love it also because the woman who sold it to me would go into prisons in Brazil and teach women how to make jewelry so that they could support themselves after being released. Double statements, if you will!

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