Video game stylin’.

I’ve recently started playing Xbox. I’ve never been much of a gamer, but was sucked in by Portal 2, Rayman Origins, Braid, Batman: Arkham Asylum…

When I first started playing, I didn’t realize that customizing my Xbox avatar was going to be as much fun as it was. There’s a limited number of avatar apparel to choose from, but countless ways to put everything together and have a stylish little avatar. The hair my avatar is wearing right now is the cut I’m thinking about getting, the hat inspired by one I already own, as is the jeans jacket. I’ve been wearing my glasses more often of late, largely because my eyes simply do not want contact lenses in them, so I took out avatar’s contacts, and made her wear her glasses, instead. The skirt and boots (real world versions, that is) are on my wish list.

While my Xbox avatar isn’t sartorially important in the grand scheme of things, every time I see her little digital face and outfit on the television screen, I am delighted and enjoy playing my game even more. Dressing well isn’t just for the real world anymore!


6 thoughts on “Video game stylin’.

  1. I suggest a battle with @dogandgarden (I’ll flip you both our xbox accounts on DM) as she also spends an inordinate amount of time dressing her avatar on XBL.

  2. I used to do this with my Mii on our Wii, but there’s very little outfit cutomization, sadly. I do have to change my hair and glasses, though. šŸ˜‰ It looks like Xbox customization is more fun.

    Also, welcome to the wonderful world of gaming! I’m a Nintendo and Playstation girl myself, but I’d buy an Xbox if I had the money. All those games look really fun, plus I’ve been wanting to play Fable for years…

    • Thank you for the very warm welcome! My roommate has an Xbox, but when I eventually move out, I plan on acquiring one of my own. I’m shocked by how much I enjoy gaming!

      You should post you Mii – just so I can see, lol.

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