Sequins, sparkles, shimmies and shakes, scalloped hemlines take the cake!

Outfit deets: Blazer, Luigi Bertoli; Vintage sheer beaded top, thrifted from Frenchie’s; Jeans, Ardene; Pumps, Arezzo; Ring, Smart Set.

While shopping in a Frenchie’s with my mother in September, 2010, I came across this stunning sheer blue beaded top and knew it had a place in my wardrobe. I envisioned all the different ways I could wear this top, how much fun it would be during the holiday season, and then, with but one mention of it on the blog, I’d never worn it before this night.

There’s something about donning a sequined top that makes me feel like an absolute star. I was hardly wearing any make up, my accessories were minimal, and I felt fabulous. I’ve started re-envisioning all the different ways I can wear this top in future, and I can’t wait!

In other, very exciting news, you may have noticed a tiny change in Fashionflirt, courtesy of my friend Style Gent… Finally, I have my own domain.! Nothing should change for anyone, no one will need to update their links, or resubscribe to my blog, I’ve just dropped that pesky, and now Fashionflirt is 100% more all about me!

Photos taken by Aarron!


17 thoughts on “Sequins, sparkles, shimmies and shakes, scalloped hemlines take the cake!

    • I was thrilled – not only that I found it, but also that I held onto it and took it home with me. I have the WORST habit of putting awesome things back on the rack and regretting it fiercely the next day!

  1. gorgeous top… wonderfully picked by you 🙂 love the color, the sparkles… and how you let it shine by keeping the rest understated. just loverly.

  2. That sequined top is at least three kinds of awesome. So jealous! When you say you got it at Frenchie’s, do you mean the chain of thrift stores in the Maritimes? I’ve never heard of another fashion blogger buying anything there! It makes me geekily happy.

    • Yeah! One of the ones in Annapolis Valley in NS, close to Kentville. You know, I’ve never known another fashion blogger to shop at Frenchie’s, either! Small (awesome) world, isn’t it?

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