Cold Hands, Warm Heart Blogger Swap!

This holiday blogging season I was super excited to participate in Much Love, Illy and Sandy A La Mode‘s Cold Hands, Warm Heart swap!

I was paired with Stephanie from Sand and Starfish! Stephanie, her hubby and their beautiful little girl live in Panama City Beach, Florida, so I was initially stumped on what to get for her. I love Stephanie’s breezy beach babe style, amazing and sweet crafting skillz, and covet her long, shiny blond locks.

When her package arrived in the mail, I definitely squealed. Who wouldn’t? A sweet note written (legibly, even! Sorry, Stephanie! My chicken scratch is an ineffective communication tool at best) on the back of an awesome Florida postcard (currently living on the fridge – I love me some postcards!), packages tied up with vintage bed sheets dyed pink, pink and red tissue paper… It’s as though she climbed into my brain and took a look around.

I love EVERYTHING in the package. The gloves are probably the best gloves I’ve ever owned, and go perfectly with my current outerwear obsession – puffy vest over denim jacket. And the sparkly yarn and ombre look is fabulous! I will get a whole lotta use out of these gloves because they are so fab… but also nice and toasty!

The bright running socks are going to get a lot of use, especially since they are so cushy and comfortable – I even have a jacket that matches the teal socks perfectly – fitness outfit! I am thrilled to have two new pink lip glosses, an adorable candy pink lipstick and nail polish to pinkify my life, too. One can never have enough lip gloss, and I always forget to transfer my glosses from one purse to the next – now, I can put one in each bag I use regularly, and never have to worry about winter chapped lips again.

The cats adore their new Santa toy – Norman couldn’t stay away for any of the pictures I tried to take, and that’s exactly the way it should be. Cats are so much cuter when they’re playing!

Thank you so much, Stephanie! I love everything, I’m so pumped to have a new blog friend, and this swap was great!

Psst: Check out all the wonderful posts from the other 148 participants of Cold Hands, Warm Hearts by clicking on the image above, or here!


10 thoughts on “Cold Hands, Warm Heart Blogger Swap!

    • Thank you! My stylist is amazing, and does wonderful things to my hair. Love everything she gives me! And Stephanie totally hit the nail right on the head with everything she sent. So great!

    • I’m thrilled we were partnered up, too! I had so much fun, and LOVE my fabulous sparkly fingers! I’ve been getting compliments all day yesterday and today.

    • I love it when there are blogosphere events that make blogging a community event, too! I love these gloves with every fiber of my being. They are fantastic. So thrilled with them!

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