Everybody, Everywear, Sequins on a mermaid’s tail.

Outfit deets: Earrings, Estasi; Scarf, M; Blazer, H&M; Sequined top, Laura; Belt, Warren’s; Skirt, Renner; Tights, Stolen from my mom; Boots, Town Shoes.

Sequins + Sparkles | Everybody, Everywhere

Another Everybody, Everywear! I was super excited when the options were presented for December’s EBEW – fur, holiday sweaters or sequins. Unsurprisingly, and much to my jubilation, sequins won!

I like sequins here and there. Generally, I prefer my sequins to be a small part of a more casual look, with a cargo mini skirt, or a cotton maxi and oversized cardigan. Who doesn’t love an added bit of sparkle and shine to their day to day wear?

I built this outfit around the skirt. I had to take out the tie belt that came with the skirt, and this grommet belt was the only one I could find that would cinch on my natural waist (all my other belts I bought to fit around my hips, and I haven’t gotten around to adding different sized belts to my wardrobe for my natural waist). Once I put the belt on the skirt, the outfit came together easily. I was especially happy to see that the black tights I pulled out actually have a subtle pinstripe pattern to them.

It was also fun as I was running around knowing that I was wearing a sequined tank top under all my layers, but no one else knew but me. Kind of like wearing sexy underwear, only less racy.

In my continued obsession with wearing a denim jacket under a puffy vest, I give you the look with the outerwear also:

I may or may not be dreaming up my outfits to compliment denim jacket/puffy vest outerwear combination. I may or may not continue to post pictures of the combination, and how said combination works with different outfits. You may or may not have been warned.


19 thoughts on “Everybody, Everywear, Sequins on a mermaid’s tail.

    • It’s a lot of fun to wear sequins with everyday outfits. I like to play with the idea of dressing down sequins, but also to dress up basics. The outfits turn out completely differently, even if they’re based around the same major pieces. Lots of fun!

    • Thanks so much – there’s something really fun about not being obvious about your sequins, leaving it as a sartorial surprise. There’s also fun in being in your FACE bling bling, but those moments are infrequent!

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