RSPAC: French Cuff Denim Duty.

lululemon items:

Non-lululemon items:

This jeans jacket has become a huge wardrobe staple for me over the last year. I wear it frequently – if you read this blog even semi-regularly, you’ll probably have seen it worn here before (here, here, here, here, here, here… to name a very small few). I always wind up being sad when it gets too cold to wear it in the winter. Happily, this year I’ve been able to wear it longer than I normally do as we’ve had such a mild winter so far (well, not really so happily, I don’t love a mild winter, if only because it is such a dramatic shift from the temperature norms in winter), but this weekend, I decided to layer my jeans jacket under this puffy vest after watching an introduction video of Katie, the lead accessories designer at lululemon athletica, who layers a denim vest under a puffy vest over her lululemon hoodie.

I don’t have a denim vest (yet… I might wind up turning this jacket into a vest in the spring). I opted to create French Cuffs on the jacket under the vest to add a bit of a different look to a jeans jacket. I really like the look, both of the French Cuffs and of the denim jacket layered under a puffy vest, and this will definitely be making it into a regular outerwear pairing.

For today’s Recovering Sweat Pants Addict Challenge outfit, I entertained myself by wearing two of the same pieces as last week, but styling them completely differently. Such basic pieces are great to own for total wardrobe basics. The perfect tee shirt and a good pair of legging can be the basis for many chic looks, and many funky looks, feminine looks, sexy looks, athletic looks… Basically, a wardrobe blank canvas.

How would you style your tee shirt and legging combo?

Photos by Aarron.

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