“Hello, Wisconsin!”

Outfit deets: Floppy brim hat and brown lace cardigan, Le Chateau; Scarf and brown tights, Mom’s Closet; Ruffle front knit vest, Anthropologie; Sweater dress, Suzy Sheir; Loafers, Aldo.

Without really trying, I wound up wearing an outfit that reminded me quite a bit of Jackie from That ’70s Show. Of course, if Jackie was wearing this attire, she would be wearing it with a pair of cognac knee high stacked heel boots, not flat loafers. If I owned a pair of cognac knee high stacked heel boots, I would be wearing them in this outfit.

I’ve noticed that lately I’ve thought to myself: “This outfit would really be elevated by a pair of cognac knee high stacked heel boots.” More so than I’ve thought similar thoughts about the black boots I’ve had my eyes on. I think I have a hole in my closet, and I didn’t even know it.

However, I do enjoy having an outfit in my head, and not having all the components to that outfit. Forces a sartorial creativity, I think. Yesterday, while playing Outfit Telephone, I didn’t have all the components to Daena or Kasmira’s outfit – but that is what made it fun, really. I had to make it my own, reinvent it a bit, from within the confines of my own closet.

What do you do if you’re missing an integral part to your envisioned outfits? Run out and buy the missing piece? Find something else in your closet that works, even if it doesn’t look as great? Wait-list the outfit until the missing piece finds its way into your closet?

10 thoughts on ““Hello, Wisconsin!”

  1. For the two seconds I read your post title I thought you were in WI! And then I got bummed because I realized it was just a that 70s show reference… Regardless, I love that hat!

  2. Lurve the floppy hat and, well, pretty much everything. Your really are embodying the 70s here. I just saw an episode of Tori and Dean (yes, I’m lame when I’m on the elliptical) where Tori had a caftan party with her friends. You look like you’d belong there!

    If I don’t have all the elements to make an outfit look right, I hold off on wearing it. The garment/accessory goes on my “to buy” list. I will usually find what I’m looking for at a thrift store.

    • I have such poor luck finding footwear at thrift stores. I think I’ve found a single pair of shoes… back when I was 14 or 15, a pair of black pumps that I seem to recall were awesome. I’ve recently been getting into shopping from consignment shops, the price tag might be higher, but the clothing is typically more consistent, and I’ve seen boots on sale in consignment shops that I would definitely buy if they were in my size.

      A caftan party sounds like it would be the best idea ever. EVER!

  3. Love this Jackie-esque outfit! And cognac boots would be great… but the loafers totally work.

    I usually just try to use what I have and keep an eye out for things that I keep wishing I had. Like flat black boots, for instance. Wanted some forever, but couldn’t find any that fit and was also in my price range… so improvised with tights and dansko mary janes. Totally different look, but still cute enough until I could figure something else out!

    BTW these cognac boots would look great with your ensemble!


    Too expensive, but too cute!

    • Those boots are fantastic! Love them. I’ll have to keep an eye out for sales, lol!

      I love your improvisation idea, of tights and MJs instead of black knee high boots. I feel like this outfit was kind of like that – the loafers were the improvisation, sticking with the colour story!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. This outfit looks so comfortable and effortless. I’m also in need of cognac and black boots. I haven’t had any luck lately. I hope you have better luck.

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