Things I’ve loved on the internet this week.

Tiffany is one of the remixing gurus in the style blogosphere, and she talks about what makes a remixer a remixer instead of a rewearer in this insightful post on sartorial creativity.

Sally looks gorgeous in this chunky knit cardi and flowy pleated maxi – chic, cozy, wintery, delightful!

Galaxy Nails are probably the coolest, most awesome holiday nails I’ve seen to date.

Two lesbians raised a baby. This is what resulted.

What if your Grandma gave you tips on Social Media – would they look anything like these hilariously amazing tips from Grandma?

My city is full of talented, inspiring young people. Earlier this year, Maria Aragon wowed Lady Gaga, Ellen DeGeneres, and millions of people on the internet with this cover of Born This Way:

Now, she’s the face and voice of a Gap Kids ad:

And now, Sean Quigley has officially wowed the crap out of me with this self-produced, arranged, recorded, mixed and edited music video of a cover of Little Drummer Boy. He’s 16.

Can’t wait to see what’s next to come from the youth of my community. Unreal, these kids are.


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