Raggedy Anne ain’t got nothing on me.

Outfit deets: Hat, Esprit; Oversized cardi, Vera Moda; Dress and overlay, Vitran from the Bay; Leggings, lululemon; Boots, Groundhog.

I felt like a saucy Raggedy Anne in this getup. Yesterday, I was rushed to get dressed to meet Roomie Aarron for lunch. I hadn’t left myself enough time, and I was feeling frantic and frazzled. Interestingly enough, I’d just finished writing a comment about not taking time to plan out outfits being the main reason behind my losing Sartorial creativity on Tiffany’s most recent blog post about Rewearing versus Remixing over at A Reason to be Fabulous. And then? I didn’t take time to plan an outfit.

I rushed around my room, looking for clothing, hating everything that I pulled on, having a mini temper tantrum/mental breakdown, but committing to the clothing I was putting on because I had to leave RIGHT AWAY. I was absolutely convinced I was going to hate what I wound up putting on.

But I loved it. I love how many layers I’m wearing, and how everything is both funky and flowy. The dress with the overlay was gifted to me by my mom, and there are so many cute and interesting little details – the animal print on the yoke, the inserts of mini plaid on the skirt, the bright yellow stitching around the neckline that are reminiscent of roman numerals, the open laces on the back of the overlay… I felt a bit like Raggedy Anne gone high street in this outfit, and it put a pep in my step.

I looked for Raggedy Andy, but I guess he stayed home.

Photo cred to the non-raggedy, very fabulous, Aarron.


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