Anakin, you ninny. Gimme back my badass Vader.

Outfit deets: Hat and wrap, H&M; Sweater, Joe; Skinny jeans, Ardene; Loafers, Aldo; Ring, Out of the Blue; Wicker woven bangle, Melanie Lynn.

Boy howdy did I struggle with this outfit. I was in some kind of a bizarra slump having to do with this sweater. I really enjoyed how I styled this sweater the first time that I wore it, and originally, I copied that look down to almost every detail, with the exception of the hat.

As I gazed at myself in the mirror, I realized that my copying the previous outfit was almost completely inadvertent. And that I really didn’t want to wear the exact same outfit again. After all, that was part of the reason why I got into my sweat pants addict conundrum in the first place.

So, I revisited my closet, and found alternatives, created a few different outfits. I wound up choosing this specific outfit because the subtle stripes in the sweater are complemented by the bolder stripes in the wrap, and it was the kind of day where being wrapped in a blanket was the best kind of accessory. And happily, I can wear these shoes for even longer than before without negative consequence. Stubbornness has its benefits!


6 thoughts on “Anakin, you ninny. Gimme back my badass Vader.

  1. Love any outfit that contains a garment that is cute yet feels like a blanket. And your beret is fantastic with the bangs!

    Also, I’m totally impressed with your stubbornness. I am completely the opposite, which is why I wear the same shoes all the time. I wish I could have someone break the uncomfy ones in FOR me, dammit! Boohoo. Woe is me.

    • I don’t know where this stubbornness comes from, to be honest. I’m certainly not that stubborn in any other situation. If clothing fits funny and feels uncomfortable? I’ll get rid of it. But shoes? I’ll grit my teeth and bear it.

      You’d think, because people can extend the calves of boots by stretching the leather that there would be a place out there where you could get your shoes stretched out/broken in professionally. If this service doesn’t exist, it should.

    • There is definitely something to be said for wearing something that you KNOW looks awesome and feels great. Especially for last minute special occasions, lol.

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