Outfit deets: Sunnies, F21; Scarf, Club Monaco; Blazer, Luigi Bertolli; Tank, Shoulder; Mini, Mango; Tights, NO idea; Boots, Town Shoes; Studded cuff, Loja ponto com; Watch, Birks; Ring, Christmas gift; Earrings; Claire’s.

I have been wanting to take outfit pictures in this skywalk for a long time. At least three days. Thankfully, my photographer is up for all sorts of various and sundry photographic adventures!

How do your surrounding affect your sartorial choices? I’ve run the gamut in the history of my personal style.

Skywalks are a wonderful part of downtown Winnipeg (and also Calgary – Calgarian skywalks helped to inspire the Canadian indie flick Waydowntown, a movie I very much recommend). Portage and Main, one of Winnipeg’s most iconic intersections (other than Confusion Corner), is also supposedly the coldest and windiest intersection in Canada, and is about a 5 minute walk from the skywalk where these pictures were taken. Knowing that Canada’s so-called coldest and windiest intersection is so near makes many Winnipeggers pause and consider what kind of sartorial choices they should make. Not many mini skirts walking around downtown Winnipeg, let me tell you. But look to the sky(walks), and you’ll see the best dressed people in Winnipeg.

Meanwhile, if you walk the underground tunnels of Carleton University or the University of Manitoba (both schools are linked completely by underground tunnels), you’ll see some of Canada’s worst dressed people. The so called tunnel rats of Carleton University are students living in residence who will roll out of bed and arrive in class wearing their PJs and slippers. Or even more mind fuckingly, shorts and flip flops in December (I had a sociology professor who in the very first class of the year informed the students that if anyone showed up to her 8:30am class in shorts in the middle of winter she would kick them out of class).

Photos taken by Aarron!


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