The outfit my mom styled for me.

Outfit deets: Sunnies, F21; Newfoundland wool turtleneck sweater, 29th birthday gift from my mom; Jeans jacket, Thrifted, brand Buffalo by David Bitton; Maxi skirt, Winners; Boots, floral Doc Martens.

My mom sent me this sweater from Newfoundland last year for my birthday. When I last wore it on Fashion Flirt, Mom commented on the post with how she would like to see it styled:

“try it with a long jean skirt and boots.
you can still use a scarf.
it is a hug from us.

Now, I don’t own a long jean skirt, but I’ve been obsessed with this grey jersey knit maxi skirt since finding it (while shopping with Mom) at a Winners in St. John’s. To bring in the jean component to this outfit, I topped it off with the jeans jacket, and to mirror the florals in the sweater, I decided to wear these Docs – shoes I’ve owned for half my life.

So, Mom, here is the outfit you styled for me. I love it, and the sweater was warm enough that I didn’t need a winter jacket outfit, just the jeans jacket. There’s also something really satisfying about wearing florals mid-winter. So wonderfully unseasonable, just like Winnipeg’s weather. Winnipeg in November isn’t known for it’s gorgeousness, and yet?

Photos by the adventurous Aarron.


17 thoughts on “The outfit my mom styled for me.

    • My mom IS super cute. She’s my best friend, and main influence on my style. Also, she’s TOTALLY dishy.

      I love how it moves and molds to my body. A covered kind of sexy!

  1. Aw, I love all your fam’s comments. πŸ™‚ Winnipeg in the winter is not somewhere I’d want to be (I’ve heard stories) – Victoria is quite cold enough for me. Okay, stop laughing – it’s a damp cold!

    I love the chunky sweater with the maxi skirt – I have been in love with maxis for some months now. What a cool gift (and excellent styling suggestions).

    Thank you so much for reading and commenting on my blog – I really appreciate it.


    • Damp cold is the worst! It really settles in your bones, is hard to shake off! I’d take Winnipeg’s extreme cold over Halifax, Vancouver or Victoria’s damp winter colds any day. The good thing about wool is that it is warm when wet, so it is likely a great choice for damp cold, I would imagine.

      And thank you for dropping by! I’ve been a longtime reader and lover of your blog!


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