RSPAC: Hot pink full skirted activewear.

lululemon pieces:

Non lululemon items:

  • Hat and tights from Joe Fresh Style
  • Necklace from an artisan in Pirenópolis
  • Shoes from Aldo

I feel like wearing this skirt is cheating on my Recovering Sweat Pants Addict Challenge, even though I know I’m not breaking any rules. This skirt is from 2007, one of the first items I bought from lululemon. It is made form Modal (or, beechlu, as the company renamed it), and I originally purchased it to wear as a strapless tunic over a pair of dance leggings with Razzmatass mesh at the bottom of the leg.

I was really surprised by how professional this outfit wound up looking. I was on the brink of taking this skirt to a consignment shop for resale, but I liked the idea of wearing a hot pink skirt in this weather. The bright colours really pop against the snow. The polkadot tights and the striped jersey necklace really pull the outfit together. It is remarkable how much accessories make an outfit. Without the pattern in the tights and necklace, this outfit looked boring – not something I expected from an outfit including a hot pink skirt.

Photo credit to Roomie!


4 thoughts on “RSPAC: Hot pink full skirted activewear.

    • Isn’t it frustrating? Even when I worked there, people who had been there for longer than me would have all these amazing pieces (lulutallic tank tops, for instance – metallic luon) that lululemon hasn’t made since. That skirt is like that – one release, then never again.

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