Sweaty Sunday

Outfit deets: H2T lululemon athletica:

The weather in Winnipeg has been fairly warm of late, and as such my running outfits haven’t been too complicated or layered. It is nice to be able to run without wearing multiple long sleeved tops layered under heavy running jackets, with two pairs of warm tights and hoods pulled up over hats and neckwarmers. I love running in winter, it is so incredibly beautiful, but sometimes the cold can get you down. I’m going to love this weather with every fiber of my being for as long as it lasts. It will help make the really cold months of winter running a bit more bearable.
Happy Sunday!
Photos taken by the awesome Aarron!

2 thoughts on “Sweaty Sunday

  1. Love it!! You’re making me feel guilty for not running today and eating leftover Thanksgiving food instead 🙂 If only I looked as cute in my workout gear!! Happy Sunday lady! xx Marisa

    • Ha! I think taking a running break during food-heavy holidays is totally acceptable! I’m not confident I’ll manage to go for the run that is scheduled the day after Christmas – I’ve intentions of eating everything in sight, lol.

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