When the sun is behind you, you sun your behind.

Outfit deets: Sunnies, Joe Fresh; Necklace, Aldo; Cropped sweater, Hope; Black tunic, Aritzia; Skinny jeans, Ardene; Boots, Town Shoes.

I love running into the wind, and having the sun on my back. There’s no better feeling than a nice, toasty, warm bum in the midst of snow and cold. And while taking these pictures definitely hooked me up with a nice toasty tushie, it also kind of detracts from the details of the outfit – namely, you can’t really see where the black tunic stops and the jeans begin, nor are the boot details visible.

All that being said, my first attempt at taking pictures resulted in my phone snapping shots of the snow while I frantically dug through the garden snow in an attempt to follow the clicking sounds to find it before the snow got in and I suffered yet another devastating cellular loss due to water in 2011. When the second set resulted in pictures of me, not just pictures of white, I decided not to test my luck one more time.

Third time the charm? Pshaw.


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