RSPAC: I stomp on you!

lululemon pieces:

Non-lululemon pieces:

  • Sunglasses belonged to my mom in the ’80s
  • Thin knit cashmere scarf from Club Monaco (no longer available)
  • Argyle socks from Filene’s Basement
  • Red rose ring from Out of the Blue
  • Black graphic Converse All Stars

The beauty of the inbetween phases of the seasons is trying to find the right outfit to wear for the weather and then nailing it. I’m not much of a vest girl, only upon very rare occasion do I pull on a puffy vest, and generally it is specifically for hiking or walking a dog, or similar. But this was one of those “warm arms, cold chest” kinds of days, and I knew my puffy vest was the only option. It is challenging to make a vest look chic, especially when that vest is puffy. They can hide your shape, make you look sausage-like… Challenging to style.

The vest is kind of shiny, and the stitching on the vest is very angular, so I wanted to create soft lines with the accessories. The cashmere scarf, the rose ring and the knit brim toque were all chosen because they make the outfit look softer, more feminine. I mimicked the angularity of the vest’s stitching in the argyle socks, and chose the All Stars because their graffiti inspired print, while not angular, is spiky and jagged. I think the combination of line and texture created an interesting casual outfit for the weekend.

Photos by Aarron!

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