RSPAC: Ugg, Ugg and AWAY!

This Recovering Sweat Pants Addict Challenge (RSPAC – the world is powered by acronyms!) outfit is actually from before my first RSPAC post. It has even been on the blog before (but not as an “Official Fashionflirt Outfit”).

The versatility of yoga clothing – or more specifically, the potential versatility – is my favorite thing about stretchy pants and tank tops with built in sports bras. This was the perfect outfit for deconstructing a TV in the garage. It was also the perfect outfit for running errands around town. I felt funky and pulled together while popping into stores, but also comfortable (and supported) while drilling and ripping apart large electronics. I would have also been able to wear this outfit to a yoga class, and then brunch with some girlfriends.

lululemon pieces:

Non-lululemon pieces:
  • Jeans Jacket: Thrifted from the Ruby Slipper, brand Buffalo by David Bitton
  • Cropped grey sweater: Hope
  • Scarf: Random Boutique in Brasília
  • Boots: Knit Uggs

I opted to wear one non-lululemon item of clothing in this outfit, this cropped grey sweater from Hope. I found it really helped to pull together the layered effect of the tops I wore, and added a bright and much-needed flash of colour to this otherwise monochromatic outfit. The blue long-sleeved tee is made of Pima Cotton, my favorite fabric that I enthusiastically laud here, here and here – where I’m wearing the same blue top as I am here.

I’m not loving my Uggs with this outfit, to be honest. I wish, in retrospect, that I had thought to put on a pair of ankle boots, preferably my short motorcycle boots from Rocketdog. The footwear I see most frequently paired with yoga pants in Winnipeg are Uggs boots, often dirty and salt-stained. Victoria, a Vancouver-based fashion blogger, writes frequently (and entertainingly) about her dislike of “FUggs” on her blog DemiCouture. She’s offered stylish alternatives to Uggs (men’s alternatives here), searing commentary on Ugg x [designer] collaborations (herehere, and here), PSAs about the fugliness of Uggs (here), and warnings against the negative potential health effects of Uggs (here).

I don’t dislike Uggs to the same degree as Victoria, as I am willing to wear mine. To and from yoga, for instance. Or to the gym. They are warm, easy to pull on, and you don’t have to wear socks with them (I don’t love wearing socks). There are many functional, warm, comfortable and stylish alternatives to Uggs, but sometimes laziness takes over, and Uggs wind up on my feet.

So why did I wear them? Laziness. Lack of planning. Being rushed and leaving things to the last minute. Not too surprisingly, becoming a sweat pants addict was rooted in that same combination. As such, an addendum to the rules of the Recovering Sweat Pants Addict Challenge has been added: No Uggs. The outfits from this challenge are intended to be a thoughtful combination of athletic apparel and personal style. Uggs do not fit in, so they are out!

Photo credit to the awesome Afoat!


4 thoughts on “RSPAC: Ugg, Ugg and AWAY!

  1. whoa.. check out those poses!! you have it goin on girl!! 🙂

    love the TV frame also.. thats too funny!! nice to meet you too. .always great to connect with another great Canadian blogger!!!
    xox Jodi

    • Thanks, Jodi! I love having pictures taken of my yoga poses. Helps me to visualize where I am out of alignment in a way that I don’t always notice while practicing!

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