Invisible Ink Siddhartha Buddha

This is a men’s tee, but I couldn’t resist the softness of the Pima cotton, the drape of the textile and the subtle Siddhartha Buddha design on the front of the shirt. Pima cotton is one of my favorite textiles, the silkiness of the fabric against my skin is divine.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but I do have a small stubborn streak. It isn’t a factor in my day-to-day life, but from time to time, I am the most immovable force you will ever meet. I am especially stubborn about these shoes. They are not comfortable. Not in the least. They’ve given me blisters every time I’ve worn them. And yet, I persevere – I will break in these damned shoes. I love them, and I’ve finally broken them in sufficiently well that I only get one or two blisters on my pinkie toes when I wear them for the whole day. This is a vast improvement, and I am super excited.

Outfit deets: Sunnies, F21; Scarf, Club Monaco; Cardi, Gap; Buddha tee, lululemon athletica; Skirt, Renner; Tights, Joe Fresh; Loafers, Aldo.

In other news, I recently DIYed a pair of shoes for the holiday season… I’ll post a tutorial soon, but here’s a sneak peek!

Photo cred to Mr. Aarron!


6 thoughts on “Invisible Ink Siddhartha Buddha

  1. Hi sweetie! It’s me… your “Cold Hands Warm Hearts” swap partner! I loooooove your blog! I’ve been going over it lots to make sure I send the best package your way! Let me know if you have any little hints (other than what you already gave) about what you’d like… if there aren’t any, no worries! Hope you’re staying warm up there!

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