Pink and turquoise seasonal inappropriateness.

I sometimes shy away from wearing my highest high heels when I leave the house. The potential for foot pain is so high that I often opt for a “safer” footwear option. But after wearing my platform loafers from yesterday’s post, I realized that all I needed was more practice. These turquoise peep-toe platform pumps are one of my favorite pairs of heels (previously worn here, here and my personal favorite, here). I hardly wear them because they were never very comfortable to wear.

Then, I realized something very important about 15 minutes after I put these shoes on. Very uncomfortable shoes (like the platform loafers from yesterday’s post) make kind of uncomfortable shoes (like these turquoise peep-toe platform pumps) REALLY comfortable. These shoes have never felt so comfortable. It was such a treat.

I did opt to wear these seasonally inappropriate shoes, despite the snow and cold outside. I can feel my brother, sister-in-law and parents frowning at me in disapproval from Ottawa and Brazil. But, I upgraded to one of my winter coats, so I didn’t notice the cold on my feet. Switching to a winter coat is always very bittersweet. I’m always so much more comfortable in my winter coats. That’s good. But needing to switch also means that it is getting colder, and will continue to get colder. And boy howdy, is it going to get WAY colder in Winnipeg… So I have to get my seasonally inappropriate shoes out of the way now!

Outfit deets: Feather earrings and turquoise açaí bead bracelet, Hippie Fair Brasiliense; Black wrap sweater, lululemon athletica; Pink slouchy tank, Anthropologie; Black skinnies, Banana Republic; Lava bead bracelet, Winnipeg Folk Festival Handmade Village; Turquoise peep-toe platform pumps, Schutz.

Photo cred to the awesome Afoat!


3 thoughts on “Pink and turquoise seasonal inappropriateness.

  1. Becca !!! super cool outfit !!!!!
    The shoes are Amazing !!! But they are super high !!
    Are they easy to walk? should be more than 5 feet 9 ” in those !!
    Cool !!!!!!!

    • They used to be really tough to walk in, but the more I wear them (or the more I wear epic high heels of a similar heel-height) the easier they’ve gotten. The sole of these shoes look the bottom of a hiking boot, which allows for awesome grip on slippery sidewalks or tile. I love them SO MUCH, holy crap. Not quite as high as the platform loafers, but almost!

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