Recovering sweat pants addict.

I became a sweat pants addict after working for lululemon athletica for three years. When I first started working there, I taught myself how to incorporate activewear into my regular wardrobe. After all, we had to wear at least one piece of lululemon for every shift, and I didn’t own very much lululemon clothing at the time (ah, how things have changed). A pair of shorts, a pair of pants, a hoodie. These were the three items that carried me through my first month with the company, and that month, I was at my most creative with my wardrobe.

Shortly after the first month, I started buying more and more lululemon clothing. I stopped worrying about how to incorporate my active wear into my wardrobe, and started figuring out ways in which I could incorporate normal clothing into my activewear wardrobe. Putting on a pair of jeans made me feel fancy and dressed up, but I can promise you that every other item of clothing I was wearing would come from lululemon.

Sweat. Pants. Addict.

This blog was created to help to teach me how to leave my sweat pants in the dresser. I was a sweat pants addict, and started Fashion Flirting in an attempt to hone my personal style, improve my wardrobe, and reignite my sartorial creativity. I’ve succeeded, although it is a continuing journey.

Now that the first item of clothing I reach for is no longer a pair of lululemon’s signature “Making butts look great since 1998” pants, I’m ready to start being creative with my lounge/activewear. Weekly, I will style a “weekend” look consisting of lululemon pieces. I am allowed to wear one item of non-lululemon clothing if it will pull the outfit together (outerwear is exempt from this), and unlimited non-lululemon accessories.

You might wonder why I’m doing this? Mostly to show that you can wear yoga pants and still be stylish. That the weekend yoga pant warrior look doesn’t have to be cookie-cutter. You can be unique and well styled even IF you’re wearing sweatpants (I promise). And also, I found about 5 metric tonnes of lululemon clothing I forgot that I even owned after moving, and need to find out if I will continue to wear these items, or if I will need to rehome them.

This is my first attempt, I hope you enjoy!

lululemon pieces:

  • Dance Pulse Wrap (no longer available, last run was released in 2010).
  • Cool Racerback Tank (this is actually from the lululemon lab, and is colour-blocked – last time I wore it was here, but you can only see a little bit of the tank in the pictures).
  • Relaxed Fit Crops (this colour, Anise, is no longer available, but the style of crops are).
Non-lululemon pieces:
  • Glasses (Hakim Optical).
  • Striped wrap (H&M, no longer available).
  • Slippers (EMU).
  • Gold studs (Claire’s, from their Classic Studs Set).
My favorite part of this new sartorial experiment? OBLIGATORY YOGA POSES!
Photos taken by the most incredible roomie of all time: Aarron.

16 thoughts on “Recovering sweat pants addict.

    • I’m at a bit of an advantage, since I have so many items to choose from, but you’re right. lululemon CAN be cute. But how many people do you see slogging through town, lulu pants tucked into their ratty wintered Uggs, and they just look dirty and gross? Way too many people dress like that. My head hangs in shame on their behalf, lol.

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