Samara Morgan wanted me to tell you: “7… days…”

I am proud to report that not a single Hallowe’en costume from 2011 was a slutty one. Sexy, maybe, depending on your thoughts on Death of the Endless, but not a single slutty animal in sight. I’ve never put too much effort into my costumes, always getting by with a mediocre costume. But this year? This year I wanted to have one of those costumes that other party goers took pictures of. Preferably a super freaky one.

It all started with a TV I received from Winnipeg FreeCycle.

Roomie and I gutted the TV, cut the bottom out, reattached the back of the TV, and mounted it on a stand. Then I glued in some black fabric with a bit of shimmer to it to curtain the opening of the TV, and draped an old table cloth around the stand at the bottom of the TV. Then Roomie helped me add the tape being inserted into a “VCR,” and I jury-rigged a waist harness so that I could wear the TV, making it appear as though I was emerging from within. Just like the iconic scene from The Ring.

We ran into a bit of a hiccup, as the TV was a bit too big for the car, but we managed to make it work with ropes and curses (and are going to turn the now empty TV into a kitty condo/bed).

We arrived at the Hallowe’en social with a pretty epic group of costumes. Super icky zombie (“Uuuuuung… brains…”), Walter Sobchak (“This is not Nam. This is bowling. There are rules.”), Darth Vader (“Nooooooooooooooo!”) and Sarama Morgan (“7 … days …”) rolled into the party, and had an amazing time. I didn’t take the TV off the whole time I was there. It was uncomfortable, and my back was screaming by the time we left, but it was worth it.

I won Best Costume! So all the back pain was worth it. I’m never going to throw away this plastic trophy!

And then I met Kate Middleton, who travelled forwards in time from Canada Day. And someone decided to rest their beer on the TV.

All in all? Awesome, amazing, fantastic night.

I hope everyone has a safe, spooky and happy Hallowe’en!

Photo cred for 95% of the images in this post: Roomie (AKA: Aarron, AKA: ZOMBIE! Uuuuung…. Braaaaaaaainsssss…..)


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