Summer crops, winter colours, confused and chilled girlie

When I found these pants from among my random “Oh, yeah. I do own these!” packed up clothing piles, I was pretty excited. I love them. They are more of a crop than a pant, but still. I’m sure that they should have wound up in the same bin in the basement as the rest of my summer weight clothing, but for some reason I tend to only wear them in the fall or winter months. I think it has to do with the colour – I like that particular shade in the winter months.

See? Last time I wore them it was -26˚C. These are linen crops, not winter pants, FYI. I didn’t opt to wear them because I had grand plans of meandering about the city, rather I spent most of today unpacking, organizing, and giving Roomie back his garage, kitchen and dining room. Good thing I did, too. We were both working (me at cleaning the kitchen, him at real work) when the sun went down, and decided to take the pictures indoors. As the dining room was nice and clean and organized, the pictures were taken there! I can’t wait until I’m completely finished unpacking and decorating. I love to decorate – my home, my self – you name it, I decorate it.

Happy Friday!

Outfit deets: Earrings, Clair’s; Wrap & navy sweater, H&M; Tank, Ardene; Crops, Poppy; Belt, Shoulder; Socks, stolen from my dad; Boots, Doc Martens from 1996.

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