“Verax Tum Audax, Dare to be True”

Another outfit with pattern mixing? I must like to mix my patterns or something. Striped fabric necklace (that looks like a Necklush, but isn’t), polkadot shoes and plaid dress? Awesome.

I didn’t like this outfit when I first put it on. And then I tried to make a brand new look using the plaid dress, and it just wasn’t working out for me. So then, I went back to the exact same outfit I’d discarded before, and the second time I pulled it together, I liked it.

This Colcci dress always makes me smile. I kind of feel like I’m wearing a school uniform. When I was moving back to Canada, my parents and I discussed which Nova Scotian educational institution I would attend, and it boiled down to a choice between two schools – Sacred Heart School of Halifax and King’s Edge Hill. I wound up going to SHSH, but this dress reminds me of the confusion I felt while trying to decide if I wanted to live with my Aunt and Uncle and go to SHSH, or if I wanted to attend (and live in) a boarding school in Wolfville, NS. The school uniforms at King’s are navy smocks (just like this dress, even if you can’t see the neckline), and SHSH girls sport Blackwatch kilts. Smush those two uniforms together, and in my mind, you get this dress.

Outfit deets: Scarf, Aritzia; Sweater, Hope (Brazil); Plaid dress, Colcci (Brazil); Tights, Joe Fresh; Polkadot flats, Zara.


4 thoughts on ““Verax Tum Audax, Dare to be True”

    • I’ve just been getting into it again. Slouchiness garments, that is. I bought this sweater in Brazil the last time that I was there, and it has been one of the best items I’ve brought home with me in a while!

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