Slap ya ass, watch yourself…

I recently bought these skinny jeans from Ardene for $20.00. They don’t fit very well at the waist, but paired with a belt and a long top, the issues with the jeans become less of a concern. And for $20.00, these pants are filling a hole in my wardrobe until I can afford to buy a better fitted and constructed pair, so the “issues” I’m having with them aren’t that big of a deal in comparison to the price.

The bright yellow tank top layered under the navy sweater wasn’t what I’d originally planned on wearing, but it was the only longer fitted tank I could find in the madness that is my bedroom. Turns out, I really liked the flash of bright and sunny yellow from time to time.

In fact, I liked this outfit so much, that I decided I wanted to JUMP in my outfit pic to demonstrate just how good I feel in it. There were some … interesting results. I particularly am fond of the picture where it looks like I am slapping my own ass. And LOVING it. I definitely have the biggest grin on my face in the ass-slapper.

In an unrelated to the outfit pictures note, I am changing my blog name. I do love being “fashionflirt” on WordPress, and “fitnessflirt” on Twitter, etc, but I want to start consolidating my so-called brand on the internet. In about a week, FashionFlirt will be, a nickname some of my great-aunts and their children had for my branch of the family. This year, family and laughter have become increasingly important to me, and Horangutan (Horan + Orangutan) makes me think of family, laughter and puts a smile on my face. I’ll also soon be changing my Twitter name. I’ve been hesitant to make the move because I’ve been a ___________-flirt for three years now, but it no longer fits my personality, in person or online. Time for a change! I’m very excited for it.

Outfit deets: Earrings, Ten Thousand Villages in Edmonton; Striped wrap and navy sweater, H&M; Sunnies, F21; Yellow tank, lululemon athletica; Jeans, Ardene; Boots, Rocketdog.


4 thoughts on “Slap ya ass, watch yourself…

  1. will we need to update your blog address on Google Reader too, or will we be automatically redirected to the new blog? please, if this is the former, let me know.

  2. Instead of buying another pair of skinnies that fit in the waist, why not take the ones you have to the tailor to have the waist fixed to fit better? In the end they will probably fit better than whatever else is available off the rack.

    • That’s not a bad idea, actually. I just found an affordable tailor who could do that for me! I never really think about tailoring my discount brand clothing, but why shouldn’t I?

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