Just a style blogger standing in a field, looking wistfully at the horizon.

Every day since I moved into my new place I’ve found clothes that I forgot about or misplaced among massive piles of clothing. I found this Mango mini-cargo skirt that I bought in NYC back in ’09. I haven’t worn this skirt in two years.

A mini skirt instantly puts me well outside my sartorial comfort zone. After I left the house, I walked the first two blocks or so tugging at the skirt, pulling it down, trying to get comfortable in my skin… Or rather, in my polkadot tights.

It took me a bit of time, but I took myself my the shoulders and gave myself a big shake, just like while dealing with the anxiety of being the only costumed person at a costume party in yesterday’s post, and asked myself: “What is the worst thing that could happen by wearing this skirt?”

Interesting perspective, isn’t it?

Putting yourself outside your comfort zone is nerve-wracking. It’s scary. It doesn’t matter if you’re asking someone out, wearing a short skirt or tight pants, or if you’re going to a movie by yourself. By definition, if you are outside your comfort zone you will feel uncomfortable. There’s no way around it. But when I put myself outside my comfort zone and I feel fear or anxiety as a result, I ask “What’s the worst that could happen?” and I realize that my anxieties are ridiculous.

“What is the worst thing that could happen if I wear this skirt?”

“Someone might see me and think my skirt is too small or unflattering! They might JUDGE me when they see me walking down the street! Or it could ride up, and they’ll see my polkadot tight encased ass! Or someone who knows that guy might see me and tell him how fat my thighs ACTUALLY are!”

I just can’t bring myself to take these anxieties seriously once I recognize what it is that I am actually scared of, and that the things I’m scared of are kind of silly. I see that my discomfort isn’t as big of a deal as my inner monologue tried to convince me it was. And now? My comfort zone is bigger.

Outfit deets: Silver studs, gift; Pink scarf, street vendor in NYC; String scarf, accessories boutique in Brasília; Fa(ux)b leather jacket and polkadot tights, Joe Fresh; Black sweater, Gap; Cargo mini, Mango; Ankle boots, Groundhog (better seen in this post).


6 thoughts on “Just a style blogger standing in a field, looking wistfully at the horizon.

  1. it’s crazy the torture we put ourselves thru…i say just hold your head up high and walk, lol. that’s what i do, anyways! blogging helps to increase that comfort zone, too.


    • Thank you! By the end of those two blocks, I was starting to feel pretty good about my outfit, but it was a very intense, very scary period. I’m not used to be scared, unless I’m watching a horror movie, of course!

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