Wardrobe Standbys

Simple and effortless, lately my go-to, “I don’t know why I want to wear” outfit has been some variation on this one. Black skinnies, black pumps, black oversized blazer, black or grey tee-shirt. Simple and chic, you can add interest in the details. A chunky black watch, an asymmetrical neckline, funky gold jewelry. I’m kind of miffed with myself, as I forgot to take a picture of the asymmetrical neckline – post-move, I came across a large number of fun shirt I’d forgotten I owned. One is a charcoal grey, one shoulder tank from lululemon. The odd angle peeking out of the blazer was a subtle bit of interest to the outfit.

Today was also a big deal because the only thing I did to my hair after waking up was to neaten the bangs a touch. Otherwise, I woke up with this exact hairstyle. That’s never happened to me before.

Outfit deets: Sunnies, F21; Scarf, Club Monaco; Blazer, Luigi Bertoli; Tank and l/s shirt, lululemon athletica; Skinnies, Banana Republic; Pumps, Rocket Dog.


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