Paris, libraries, country fairs.

I am not complaining, so to speak, about the delightful weather we’ve been having. I do hope that we get something of a fall, and not beautiful weather that just drops right into winter. And just like my girl Mary, I will be miffed if I’m not granted the opportunity to be able to wear fall outfits.

In an attempt to solve this Very Real (First World) Problem, I wore a summer sundress, layered with various fall weight garments that have joined my wardrobe lately. This isn’t a look I’ve tried before. I’ve never tried to mix three patterns (in the wrap, dress and scarf-as-a-belt), or wear a voluminous top over a voluminous empire waist dress. Belting the sweater where the dress’s empire waist rests gave me waist definition this outfit desperately needed. In the end, I felt very much a Parisian girl, working as a small town librarian, spending the afternoon at the country fair in autumn.

Outfit deets: Hat, wrap and sweater: H&M; Scarf worn as belt: my Mother’s closet; Dress: Joe Fresh; Loafers: Aldo; Earrings: Clair’s.


10 thoughts on “Paris, libraries, country fairs.

  1. First things first– I adore this look! It looks SO effortlessly cool and yes, totally Parisian! Second– I’m glad someone else shares my mild peeved-ness about the weather. I know it’s about as non-problem as a problem can get, but still… After the way we jumped straight over spring into winter this year, I’m a little skeptical of this “fall” 🙂

    • Thank you! I’m so glad it came through and does look Parisian!

      Uh, I feel like a smuck for not being happy with the weather, but fall is my favorite season, and I love a nice, long, cool and crisp one! That being said, I wasn’t complaining the other day when I went to a park and soaked up the afternoon sun, laying in the grass… But I would have been much more fabulous if it had been cool enough to do it in my new leather jacket that I am DESPERATE to wear. Thankfully, today has been a chillier one, and the forecast for the next few days looks like 10˚C across the board. I’m pretty excited!

    • That’s great, thank you! I had a lot of fun having these pictures taken, and I think when you’re into the shoot (haha) the pictures and outfits wind up looking fantastic as a result. At least better.

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