[Expletive] those fashion rules.

I don’t always believe in following the so-called “Fashion Rules.” However, I’m not going to write about why following the rules all the time can be boring or how sometimes breaking rules leads to new innovation. It has been tackled by people vastly more capable than I. Sally has written about it extensively, here, here, here, and a whole SLEW of ’em here. I’m a firm believer in NOT reinventing the wheel, and if someone has said it better than I can/have/care to try to, then why bother? I did break two style rules this past weekend, and I’m very happy I did.

I broke the Pajamas as Pants rule (ie: Don’t do it) by wearing green flannel pants with reindeer on them for 95% of my long weekend at the lake with Roomie.

The one time I did dress in an outfit that received more than a passing thought, I wound up layering the blanket wrap over a flannel plaid button up I stole from my father, with baggy boyfriend jeans tucked into wool socks I stole from my brother, tucked into a pair of ankle boots, topped by a wool hat I … stole from my father.

Rules broken? Well, everything I wore was baggy and oversized. I don’t think it made me look frumpy or anything, either. I think I look comfortable, lake-like and slightly feminine. Just enough.

Seemingly, the lake makes me want to dress in warm and cozy man clothes, and I really like the look.

Hat and button up shirt: stolen from my dad; Tee shirt: American Apparel; Wrap: H&M; Boyfriend jeans: American Eagle; Socks: stolen from bother; Boots: Rocketdog.

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving to my Canadians. I hope everyone’s weekend was a beautiful, relaxing and rejuvenating as mine was.


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