In other, more exciting concert news…







I went to Pearl Jam on Saturday night. My roommate and I didn’t know where we would be sitting, as he procured the tickets through Ten Club (the Pearl Jam ran club), and they have a front row seat lottery for every concert.

And we wound up getting the best seats in the house: front row. Dead center. So close, I can now speak to the blueness of Eddie Vedder’s eyes.

They are very blue.

The concert was amazing. A once-in-a-lifetime experience. Amazing.

Eddie Vedder threw me his guitar pick. We both drank from his wine. Aarron, my roomie, helped steady him as he stood and sang Even Flow on the barricade by holding his hand. Lots of his sweat landed on me. He was wearing faded, extra comfortable cords.

Amazing. What a wonderfulful way to spend a Saturday night.

Outfit deets:

Earrings: Ten thousand Villages; Velvet jacket: Gregory (1996); Lace top: Le Lis Blanc; Robot watch necklace: F21; Jeans: Ortiga; Heels: Wish shoes.

The crowd, cheering at the concert:


8 thoughts on “In other, more exciting concert news…

  1. This is completely off-topic, but your hair looks ROCKIN in these pictures, lady! Back on topic, however– it sounds like an awesome concert 🙂

    • Thanks! I love love love my hair right now. Harder than I’ve ever loved it.

      And it WAS an amazing concert. Total once in a lifetime experience. I’m going to remember it forever. And will likely turn (one day) Eddie’s pick into a fab accessory!

    • OMG, it was unbelievably good. Pearl Jam ANYWHERE in the venue would have been amazing, because it is Pearl Jam, and they are… Well, they’re Pearl Jam. But sitting that up close and personal… Half the time it felt like he was singing directly to me (which did happen on occasion, I mean, I was standing DIRECTLY in front of him), but because of the lights, you couldn’t always tell where his eyes were… It felt like such an intimate concert. An intimate concert with several thousand of my closest friends.

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