Tick tock robot watch rock and roll.





Yesterday was the best day.

We’re having a last weather hurrah. September has decided to give us sunshine and heat, allowing for one more day at the beach this weekend.

These shoes weren’t what I wanted to pair with this outfit, but after my run, my feet were having nothing to do with my new pair of platform loafers, and wanted nothing but these foam Crocs. Other than that one small thing, I loved this outfit. I felt pretty, feminine and a touch funky. My watch battery died right before getting to the lake last weekend. Oddly, it wound up being easier for me to buy this F21 robot watch necklace than to remember to grab my watch before leaving the house on the off chance I’ll be stopping by a place where they can replace the battery.

Anyways, the full skirt, paired with the robot watch necklace, gave me a teeny weeny steampunk vibe. Just enough to put a giant grin on my face for the whole day.

I’ll be making gourmet pizza on the barbeque, working on packing up my apartment (I’m moving!), and spending one last day at the beach this weekend. And also, it will be my first time driving on the highway. I’m not at all nervous (I’m so nervous).

Have an amazing weekend!

Outfit deets: Scarf: Renner; Robot watch necklace: F21; Tee-shirt: lululemon athletica; Skirt: Anthropologie; Shoes: Croc (SHAME!).


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