Shorts ’round my ankles, caught in the rain.


Torrential downpour last night. And golf ball sized hail. Thunder, lightening, tornado warning… it was awesome.

This shot was taken shortly after getting caught in the downpour after my shorts fell down. I quickly dispatched my scarf to be used as a belt, although originally it was intended to be worn in a purely decorative fashion. Shorts staying up, however, is pretty important.

Outfit deets:
Head scarf: Reitmans; Tee: lululemon; Scarf belt: Mother’s Closet; Shorts: somewhere in Brazil; Bolero: Jacob; Flip flops: Havaiana.


4 thoughts on “Shorts ’round my ankles, caught in the rain.

  1. Shorts must be too big now.You look great. Good luck with your drivers test.We are having a blast in the boat in the middle of lightening storm with rain,lots of rain.That last flash was right over head.Ye ouch.M4TW. Mom.
    PS I am a great auntie.Cameron MacDonald arrived 17/08/2011 at 4 lb 14 oz.

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