Steve Martin is my pretend boyfriend.

Tank (is actually a dress): lululemon athletica; Necklace: Morana; Skirt: Renner; Heels: Wish Shoes.

This is what I wore to go see my boyfriend, Steve Martin, play bluegrass last night. He was playing with the Steep Canyon Rangers. He says that he doesn’t like to think of them as his band, rather he likes to think of himself as their celebrity.

You can imagine there were many laughs all night long. No surprise there. The surprise was the music. I never thought I would ever say that a bluegrass concert was one of my favorite concerts of all time, but there you go. I cannot get over how talented both Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers are. Holy moly.

Anyways. I like this outfit primarily because the skirt is a bit shorter than what I’m used to, but the tank top, being a dress, gives me more coverage under the skirt, and made me feel much more comfortable. It was pretty funny when I walked into the theater with friend A., and saw another girl wearing much the same outfit as me, but it was even funnier when we wound up sitting next to her. Awkward.




5 thoughts on “Steve Martin is my pretend boyfriend.

  1. Have you read any of Steve Martin’s fiction? A few people I know were really into “Shopgirl.”

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