So that’s what it’s like to wear your shirt like that.

Sunnies: Joe Fresh Style; Button up and necklace: F21; Skirt: random place, random town; Watch: Champion; Bangles and ring: artisan in Pirenópolis; Shoes: Melissa.

Coming from the relatively dry heat of Brasília to the relatively humid heat of Winnipeg has been a touch of an adjustment. The above outfit, worn at 28˚C in Brasília would have been perfect! The above outfit, worn at 26˚C in Winnipeg, not so much. Thankfully, you can’t really see the rivulets of of sweat channeling between my tits.

Rebecca,” says my mother, “Nice young ladies don’t use words like ‘tits’ on their blogs.”

Sorry, Mom.

In any event. Too much fabric for me today. I arrived for my bang trim very VERY sweaty.

So, I think I made some empty promises about updating while I was attending Folk Fest. That didn’t really happen. I’ll blame it on my luggage not arriving, and being utterly brainless the night I arrived (I spent 28 hours in transit to get from Brasília to Winnipeg this time around. 28 hours. And while I enjoyed my brief stays in Rio, Miami and Chicago, mostly I was tired, cranky, and desperately craving Starbucks – didn’t find one until Chicago, however. Ugh.).

I only just realized how much this outfit is inspired by Orchid Grey. Um. Like this outfit. Or this one. It’s just ’cause you’re so awesome, OG.

Folk Fest was fantastic. I’ve never really been one to enjoy poetry or spoken word, but this year Folk Fest was incredibly lucky to invite Shane Koyczan and the Short Story Long to perform. I’ve been pushing this artist like a drug I’m so addicted to his turns of phrase. Never have I gone from tears to laughter and back again and again in a 3 and a half minute period. Watch this clip. You absolutely will not regret it.

Shane Koyczan: This is my voice.


9 thoughts on “So that’s what it’s like to wear your shirt like that.

  1. Oh, my goodness. I am in major swoon mode over every single piece of jewelry you’re wearing. GORGEous.

    oh! and if you haven’t heard I’ve moved to a new blog! I’d love it if you’d come join me there, lovely! 🙂

    • Added to my Google Reader as soon as I saw the change on Undergradfab! Congratulations on your new blog baby.

      I’m surprised by how much I LOVE the teddy bear bracelet.

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