Bye Brasília, and thanks for all the … uh … fish?

Sunnies: Joe Fresh Style; Necklace: Hippie fair; Dress: Renner; Purse: Uncle K; Flip flops: Havaianas.

My last full day in the BSB. Sigh.

Thankfully (I’m writing this post WELL ahead of publication time – I write this on Sunday, my flight leaves Monday, this post will be published on Tuesday), I managed to convince myself to get off my ass and go for a run along the Aixão of the city (the giant road that is the axis of Brasília, and closes down to vehicular traffic every Sunday). I’m not sure what it is, but after a long run (I have to take a second to gush about how awesome my run was – I went for 7.5 miles in 60 minutes, and passed a ton of people, but was never passed, huzzah), all I want to wear is long, flowy, comfortable clothing. This dress (as of this morning, it belonged to my mother, but now is MINE ALL MINE MUAHAHAHAHAHA) fit the bill perfectly. I inadvertently wound up being super matchy matchy – noted by the woman who sold me the necklace I’m wearing (purchased about 5 minutes before this shot was taken). “Everything matches!” She exclaimed. “Even your nail polish.”

Monochromatic FOR THE WIN.

Ahem. I love this necklace. The woman who sold it to me also made the necklace, hand knotted, dyed coconut, awesome. I’m in absolute love, let me tell you.

This dress was the perfect thing for some last minute shopping, post-running, pre-packing, pre-travel, delightful. Ugh, the stress of trying to pack.

I’m kind of excited for AND dreading the trip home. I’m flying through Rio, onward to Miami, then I’ll be spending 8 hours in Miami, then flying to Chicago, then 2 hours in Chicago, and THEN to Winnipeg. All things told, I’ll have been in transit for a delightful 28 hours, arriving in Winnipeg on Tuesday night (tonight, if my scheduled posting plan works out) at 8:30 where my most wonderfullest and amazingest friend A. will be picking me up. He’s promised to bring me sour gummy candies to help to combat the long travel time.

I’m so excited for sour gummy candies.

Less than 24 hours after my return to Winnipeg, my most favorite thing in the world is happening. I love this more than sour gummy candies, new coconut necklaces and awesome neat jelly shoes combined. Three words: Winnipeg Folk Festival.

My plan is to schedule posts full of those outfits I’d decided weren’t blog worthy. Because… well, that’s why I saved the pictures right? I’ll be camping and enjoying music from Wednesday until some time on Monday, and I cannot wait. But I promised myself post-graduation that I would be nice and consistent with my posting. So. No breaks for the wicked. Or international traveling music lovers.




6 thoughts on “Bye Brasília, and thanks for all the … uh … fish?

    • Thank you! I wasn’t sure about the dress at first. It’s super heavy (not for temperature, just the dress itself), and I was worried the dress would fall down, since it is a strapless. But it turned out really comfortable, and I didn’t ever really have to tug at it or anything. That particular colour is one of my favorites!

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