See through my booties

Necklace: F21; Button up and skinny jeans: Le Lis Blanc; Shoes: Melissa + Gaetano Pesce ; Cat Ring: Artisan shop in Pirenópolis.

This entire outfit was built around my new Melissas. I saw these on a design blog earlier this year and desperately wanted a pair, but never thought I’d still be able to find them when I arrived. There might have been squealing when I first saw them. And then when I tried them on, it was instant love.

The reason I love them so very much is because when I get tired of them as booties, I can cut out the transparent bubbles and change them into a different kind of shoe (I also just love how fraking funky they are). For now, I’m loving them as booties.

I particularly love how they look so … odd and awesome on my feet. I received many odd looks and points and comments yesterday as I was walking around because it almost looks like I’m not wearing any shoes, and then you look closer…

To feature the bubbles in the shoe, I wore my F21 necklace with the big metal and sparkly beads, as well as this button up shirt with a subtle square pattern on it.



25 thoughts on “See through my booties

      • They’re Super super amazing !!! (even in summer)
        Are they all transparent? they look kind of grey at the toes .

        is there any Online shop to buy?
        please post more looks with them !!!
        Thanks !!

  1. Also I guess you can you colored socks and could be very nice with them on, at the same time will prevent for they being too hot !

    • That is an AMAZING idea. I’ll have to do that in the fall – it honestly never even occurred to me! I’m super excited to try it out – and with brightly coloured tights and skirts, too! You ROCK.

  2. Hi Girl !!
    Im ready to purchase the same boots in black !!!! Im very happy !
    Do you still wearing yours? could you let me know if they were comfy as before or any tips?
    Im a 8 sometimes 8 1/2 US Should I get same number?
    I live in Miami and I hope they are not too hot ….
    Thanks a lot !!!!!!!!!!

    • Awesome! I love mine SO much, wear ’em all the time.

      I wear between a 9 and a 10, depending upon the make of the shoe. I went with the 40 in the bootie, and they’re a bit tight to get on, but very comfortable after that. I wore them in Winnipeg during our summer months (it gets extremely hot in Winnipeg in the summer, and very VERY humid), and for the most part the heat didn’t get to me. The little holes in the shoes let in surprising bursts of air!

      The only thing you need to be aware of is on getting pebbles in the shoes. They can be really irritating, so I try to be very careful as to where I walk.

      Hope you love them as much as I do!


  3. Thanks for a super fast answer!!!

    you are a 9 or 10 (US) Canada? and the 40 was ok (or a bit tight) but 40 in Brazil or Europe? .
    thats super ! that there are air holes (did not see them) !!! that may help a lot in warm weather so is not as a regular boot .
    they aren’t so bad after a few wears.
    How is the cleaning?
    did you use them with socks or just without them?
    So many questions sorry !!!!!
    Thanks again girl !!

    • No problem at all!

      Yes, I am a 9-10 in US sizes, and the 40 was fine for me, just a struggle to get on my feet. I have a really wide foot, with a REALLY high arch, so getting shoes on is very challenging. The spaces between the circles are like air holes (although, some Melissas do have air holes!). I’ve never worn them with socks, but will once it gets colder out, and I need the warmth, I’ll probably wear really bright colours because the shoes are see-through.

      Ask as many questions as you like!


  4. Thanks girl !
    They should be a 40 Brazil thanks for the tips ! A friend told me they are a bit hard to put on , but thats all.
    Is it possible to clean them in the water? And the candy smell doesnt go away ?
    When you have a chance post more outfits with the booties !
    I did not find the clear in my size . Only the black . They look nice with jeans. I love the first 2 outfit pictures.they look super with your jeans! It looks like you have no shoes ! And the make you look super tall !
    Thanks !

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