Dressing My Best: My Thighs…



Sunnies: Joe Fresh Style; Tank and bikini: Ardene; Shorts: C&A; Shoes: my feet.

These thighs were made for carrying me through life. They aren’t small. They aren’t dainty. My legs aren’t long, my upper thighs brush together when I walk, my muscles are tight, I’ve got … cellulite. Whatever. They’re strong. I can run for hours, walk for miles, hike, climb, jump, dance, run, swim… I appreciate my thighs for that. I’m not afraid to dress them in short shorts, I’m not afraid to pour them into jeggings or tights. I know that when I look down at them while I walk, there’s a ripple in the fat that covers my big, strong muscles. I also… don’t really care.

As long as my thighs stay strong, and carry me far, I will love them. And when they fail me, because one day they probably will, I’ll find something else about them to love.

On a side note, my vacation outfits are mostly remarkably the same. Soon, I’ll be posting a vacay outfit pic that isn’t short-shorts, tank and bikini variation #n.




One thought on “Dressing My Best: My Thighs…

  1. Yay for healthy looking thighs!

    I suspect no one is complaining about the higher than average bikini outfits.

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