Dressing My Best: Da Belly!

Head scarf & bikini: Ardene; Shorts: lululemon athletica; Flip Flops: Havaianas.

Ack! OVEREXPOSURE! However, that specific shade of overexposed white-ishness is the typical shade of white on my belly region. However, after six days of constant sun exposure, the belly region is a much less “underground man eating worm” shade of pale.

Let’s talk belly for a bit. I often wonder if the belly region is the most hated, least loved part of the female form. It is certainly the area of my body that I have the least confidence in. As I mentioned a while and a bit ago, I tend to keep the belly underwraps. I also really like wearing bikinis. I really REALLY like THIS particular bikini, as it is bright, neon, yellow and covers all the parts of my butt that I want to have covered (I have a very long butt crack – abnormally so, but I like it that way… and will be discussing the length of my ass crack in another Dress Your Best post to come).

Little surprise that the reason I chose my belly to feature in this post. Bikini, belly. Makes sense to me. It isn’t difficult to find my lagging belly confidence at the beach/poolside while in Brazil, where all over body pride is impressive. Brazilian women, regardless of size, shape, skin tone or age, are completely comfortable in their own skin. I love being in a place where people love themselves. Energy is infectious, and I was infected. I love how long my torso is, the hourglass shape of my figure, the hint of the muscles right under my ribcage. I’ve even come to appreciate, if not quite love, my jiggly little pot belly.

Belly dance!


6 thoughts on “Dressing My Best: Da Belly!

  1. I love this post! The bikini is fabulous…and your body even more so!! I think confidence is WAY BETTER than a flat stomach (although you’re looking like you’ve got both)…

  2. Hey, I just found your blog coming from Simply Bike 🙂

    Speaking as a guy, I think a little bit of softness and roundness can be very attractive. I know everyone’s tastes differ, but I probably prefer, in myself and in others, a little bit of flub over a really hard, super-toned body. It is hard to get over the stereotypes though, and I personally often find myself wondering why my wife finds me so handsome, because everything isn’t “just so.” Skinny calves, hairy body, thick eyebrows, etc 🙂 It’s good to know you don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be what you are.

    In any case, of course, it’s most important that you’re happy with yourself. And that you’re healthy, regardless of your BMI and weight and all that, which has little to do with your actual health. Humans will do just about anything for acceptance, and that includes pushing their bodies way beyond healthy to “look right”.

    • I completely agree with you. Being healthy is so important, and so long as that health factor is present, the little things you might like a bit less about yourself becomes so much less important in comparison – especially when you’ve lived through a period of not having a healthful life due to circumstances beyond your control. When I was at my most slender, I lost my period for a year. THAT was scary. And yet, I wasn’t willing to let myself gain weight to get it back because I wanted so desperately to be skinny.

      It is a messed up cycle.

      Brazil is such an interesting place because most people here ooze confidence and body love and acceptance regardless of size, colour, shape. I always go home feeling better about myself than when I arrived. It is a wonderfully healthy attitude to self.

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