Dressing my best: Meus dedos.



Earrings: Out of the Blue; Blazer: Marie Claire; Tank: American Apparel; Scarf: My Mother’s Closet; Jeans: American Eagle; Ring: Out of the Blue; Purse: Uncle K; Sandals: Arezzo.

I’m on vacation! A vacation from a vacation. It’s all very fabulous.

For my mom’s birthday (which was on Monday), my parents and I left Brasília and flew into Fortaleza, Ceará. From there, we took a (very frightening and white knuckled) shuttle to the beach town of Cumbuco. Cumbuco is still wee, and a bit rustic, and just perfectly lovely.

Also, it is Academichic’s Dress Your Best (2) Week(s)! I got to thinking: what parts of me do I want to dress my best? Last time, I dressed for my feet, my eyes, my hair and my boobies. I didn’t really want to dress the same best parts. So this time, I wanted to start with something that I don’t love, exactly, but is very important to me. My fingers.

I don’t LOVE how my fingers look. They aren’t especially long, or graceful, or delicate. But they are a very interesting combination between my father’s and mother’s fingers. My fingers aren’t long, but neither are the stumpy. My mother’s fingers are slender and delicate. My father’s a short and strong. I have my mother’s fingernails, my father’s knuckles. My mother’s pinkies, and my father’s strength. My mother’s light touch, and my father’s steadiness (this makes him a genius in the operating room, and me a genius in games of Jenga).

So I don’t love how my fingers look. But I love them all the same.

I chose to wear a 3/4 length sleeve to allow my fingers to fly free, unencumbered by long sleeves. I added a large skull ring because my fingers are perfect to handle the size of this statement ring. And I fluttered my not-stumpy-not-delicate fingers all day long. It’s been lovely.




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