Like Mother, Like Daughter

Scarf: Random boutique in Brasília; Sheer teeshirt: Lenny; Bandeau: Sirens; Bracelets: Lapis from the Hippie Fair, Metal from Out of the Blue Jeans: American Eagle; Brogues: Schutz.

I had a helluva time deciding what to wear today. I tried this one outfit, with cobalt blue heels, and couldn’t make the outfit work. So I changed. And I changed. And then I changed again. Finally, I decided to wear something baggy and comfortable, with these awesome brogues and this lovely head scarf that my mother wore earlier this week to GREAT effect.

I love how the blues and cream in the scarf pull out the blue grey stripes of the button up. My mom taught me quite a lot of what I know about personal style. I like coming home, because I wear things from her closet, and put them together the way I like, and it is always totally different from how she pulls herself together. It is awesome.

You’ll note in my collection of pictures that I’ve bared my belly to show how the bandeau matches the shoes so perfectly. Normally I keep my belly underwraps, but there’ve been many discussions in the blogosphere lately about how fashion bloggers are “supposed” to look (like here and here and here to name a few). I’m owning my belly, and sharing it with the blogosphere. I’m wearing elements of what fashion bloggers are “supposed” to wear (brogues, psuedo-turban, etc), and yet my body type isn’t what is typical… No, wait, that’s wrong. Or, rather, it is right – my body is unique to me, and I love it fully, from wonky baby toes to awesome hair, and every lady lump, hump, bump, bit, part and muscle in-between. I’m not really trying to make a statement with my belly-baring, I just wanted to share the matchy matchiness of it all. But I think it is really important to give yourself a long, hard stare from time to time. Look at the things you love, and love them. Then shift your gaze to the parts of you that you can’t stand, would give anything to change, and then love those body parts, too. And love ’em hard, because they are definitely in a deficit of love.

While I was at the grocery store, I witnessed a woman who willfully destroyed food. In a country that has made enormous social strides over the last 15 years, there are still more homeless, poor and starving people in Brazil than anywhere else I’ve lived. To watch this woman take the bread she decided that she didn’t want to buy, and shove it under the cash register desk (using her foot) to rid herself of food she decided she didn’t want to buy anymore blew my mind. Instead of passing it to the woman at the cash and telling her she’d changed her mind she just destroyed it. No one else will eat this bread unless they pull it out of the trash.

Initially, I was furious. I was seething. I wanted to rip her a new one. What a (and I do NOT use this word lightly) cunt. And then I made a choice. I could choose to stay angry, and let that woman ruin what had otherwise been an amazing day, or I could let it go, to let my anger go. I chose to let my anger go.

Just as I choose to love all the bits and pieces of me. The stuff I like, the stuff I don’t. And some days it is so HARD to choose love, let me tell you. I’m currently bloated as I wait for my monthly to arrive, and every time I see my bloated gut, I wrinkle my nose. And then I stop, and remind myself that I need to love the bloat, too.

The thing I love the most about being a part of the fashion blogosphere is how every single person is unique. Every blog is a unique representation of the blogger. You don’t GET that from a magazine. I love reading about how someone came across this perfect skirt, or how this is the first time someone has felt confident enough to wear short shorts. I don’t care what anyone’s belly looks like, inasmuch as I make the effort not to care what my belly looks like. I don’t care if people buy their clothing at Zellers or at Bloomies. I’m in it for the style, for the stories, and for the people. Because there are some unbelievably amazing style bloggers out there, who inspire me daily (I could write out a list of them all, but it would encompass the several hundred personal style blogs I have listed in my Google Reader, and would take a VERY long time… suffice it to say – there’re a LOT).

I’m proud to be a part of such a vast, strong, amazing, talented, unique, individual and beautiful group of people. Thank you, to all the bloggers and readers out there, for being you. Don’t you dare change a thing unless you WANT to… Because you all rock.


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