The curious case of the missing highlighter.

Earrings: Winnipeg Folk Festival’s Handmade Village; Coconut necklace and stone bracelet: Hippie Fair; Shell: Juhgf; Jeans: Ortiga; Shoes: Avida.

The other day, my friend Mike and I were commenting back and forth about a variety of things. I’d tweeted about my itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow highlighter bikini (that I’m saving for my trip to the beach next week), and he demanded that I feature the outfit on Fashionflirt. I said no, what with wanting to save it for my post-beach vacation posts… And then, out of nowhere, I wound up wearing an outfit with highlighter yellow-ish touches. Hilarious.

I’ve been following Terra’s hair tutorial attempts (I think her most recent attempt looks glorious, and her red hair shows the details better than my dark locks do), and finally clicked on the link to see what the tutorial she was trying to achieve looked like. I fell for this hairstyle, being feminine, and frankly, cool looking, and attempted to pull it off also. It isn’t quite right, but I really like how it turned out. It’s going to be GREAT at the beach for evenings out.

Sadly, these shoes didn’t last long on my feet. They were fine for a few hours, and then started to cut into my poor, defenseless big toes. As my big toes haven’t ever done anything to anyone, I removed them, and replaced them with my nude clogs that I remain obsessed with. I might just have a bit of a problem.


5 thoughts on “The curious case of the missing highlighter.

  1. It is a shame the shoes killed your toes! They are adorable. I love the cut out details. The yellow and teal color combination is great – it brings out your eyes!

    • I felt the same way. I was so sad I had to take them off. They are adorable! And thank you for noting my eyeballs- I always find that yellow makes my eyes look grey, which is kind of a fun change from normal!

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