Birds of a feather flock together.

Earrings: Hippie Fair; Tank: H&M; Skirt: Hippie Fair; Ring: gift; Shoes: Wish.

I love these earrings. I met an artisan in the Hippie Fair on Sunday, and picked out these feathers (and another set) for him to make me some earrings with. They’re macaw feathers, and were the inspiration behind the colours in this outfit. The skirt, made out of recycled sari silk, is reversible, and slightly asymmetrical. I arranged it so that the longer part of the skirt was towards the back.

My knee is unwrapped, and I am mostly pain free (with the occasional twinge from time to time). After spending some time on the stationary bike, with no pain, I decided to attempt to wear these, my most favorite EVER, heels. My runwaying around today was a bit slower than normal, but I was so thrilled to be wearing heels again, my speed simply didn’t matter.

My hair style is partly inspired by the lovely Miss Vinyl Ahoy, and partly by my own Witchy Twitchy hair style from last year.


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