This is not a dress. I am actually wearing a puppy and three ducks.

Eyeglasses necklace: F21; Dust blue sweater: Shoulder; Vest/Scarf/Thing: Lisa International; “Dress”: 1) Black bandeau from Sirens, 2) Printed skirt from my mother’s closet with no tag; Cat ring: Artisan in Pirenópolis; Flip flops: Havaianas.

I woke up this morning, a bit earlier than normal, por volta de 5:00am. The daughter-in-law of a friend of my mother’s from Winnipeg had a four hour layover in Brasília, and we drove out to the airport to pick her up, and take her on a quick tour through BSB before she was to board her flight to Manaus for the Xterra Amazonas Military Triathlon. I wasn’t thinking when I got dressed. Didn’t bother to check the forecast for the city.

I really should have, because it is raining, overcast and cold today – and the middle of the dry season. Weird. Anyways. I was freezing. But. I still really enjoy this skirt. I wanted a midi-length, so I hiked the skirt up to just under my bandeau, and safety pinned it into place. I really like the effect. And it is so swirly, feminine and pretty! Look:

Of course, that smile on my face was, for most of the day, replaced by this look of discontent:

I would make this face after a particularly violent shiver. Brrr.


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