Orange you glad I’m not making an “orange you glad” joke?

Dress: Enjoy; Bangles: My mother’s closet; Ring: Out of the Blue; Heels: Wish.

This dress. THIS DRESS. Wow. I am head over heels in love with this dress. As I runwayed my way to meet my mother for lunch (when I wear heels, I don’t walk places – I runway there), I received a good number of compliments. My ego satisfactorily stroked, I didn’t mind so much when my speedy runwaying caused me to sweat like a piggie. Thankfully, this cotton beauty was perfect for my overheated state of being.

Look at the careful design details. The twists in the straps. The adorably visible zigzag stitching along the hemline. The contrasting zipper that just so happens to complement my heels PERFECTLY. The pockets! The ties!

Really. This dress could cheat on me with my best friend, and I’d forgive it.

Also, it matches my nails almost perfectly.

Match made in heaven, I think.


11 thoughts on “Orange you glad I’m not making an “orange you glad” joke?

  1. that dress is incredible…I think you and the dress were separated at birth!!
    That ring is so great. Love your blog.

  2. Definitely a match! I love your concept of runway-ing around. I need to master that. 😉 I have two modes – power walking and slow, occasionally awkward, stumbling in heels. Oh well.

    • It took me a really long time to find that ease with heels… It was all about finding the right pair, and wearing them a LOT. I used to work in an environment where I wasn’t allowed to wear heels, so I gave it up completely, and just wore flats. After I stopped working there, I remembered how much I LOVE wearing them (they make me feel so powerful… And I love how they sound when I walk). 🙂

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